Our Story

Who are we?

Curiosity and eagerness gave birth to STFY. Curiosity to know everything and eagerness to build something has shaped STFY. Two sisters, markedly distinct in everything, but who share the same deep passion for shoes and putting everything to their work. Kinjal and Prachi, absolute shoe enthusiast started their journey as a business partners. Kinjal, management head and Prachi, design head created a combination to build STFY.


What is STFY?

STFY  is an online footwear brand selling new styles daily to fashion forward girls looking for stylish updates without breaking the bank!

What we do?

Creating high quality fashion footwear, STFY design team pays close attention to detail with each seasons' update. With a globe-trotting in house design team keeping on top of the trends, affordability isn't overlooked. 

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